1600 South Red Road,

Miami, Florida, 33155,



The Biltmore School is one of the elite schools that offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme in the state of Florida. The school offers classes for grades Nido through 8th grade with approximately 120 students. Founded in 1926, the Biltmore School was established to serve the fast-developing residential communities of Miami, Florida.

The students at the Biltmore School are uniquely prepared to be leaders of the 21st century who become more internationally minded to prepare for the unknown. The school’s mission is to guide students to be independent, productive, and accomplished as they pursue their academic endeavors. Each year the students excel in academics while enjoying a well-rounded school experience and students earn exceptional honors in a variety of academic and art disciplines.

Words from the Principal:

In our school, your child will flourish as their days are enriched by meaningful experiences alongside their teachers and peers. We have many exciting plans and are looking forward to another wonderful year of learning, investigating, researching and growing. During this school year, we will continue to build upon and refine our foundation of good work and many worthwhile traditions, with none being more important than continuing to build upon our tradition of excellence in education. Embrace opportunities, unlock potential and inspire excellence!  Thank you for your continued care and support.

Gina C. Duarte-Romero, M.Ed.