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Admissions – Miami

Before Acceptance:

All incoming Kindergarten through Middle School applicants must take an entrance exam at The Biltmore School before enrollment. Students that are interested in taking the exam will be charged a fee of $100. Please be informed that taking the exam does not guarantee admission.

Tuition and Fees:

Fees for tuition, books(K-8), supplies, technology, registration, yearbook, mat(Nido & Preschool), iPad(Middle School) and tuition are computed on an annual basis. All fees can be paid by cash, card, check, and/or FACTS Management Company.

Please note the following advantages in using the FACTS system for tuition payment handling:

  • Convenient online payment plan sign-up and account management
  • Receive e-mail or text payment reminders before your payment is due
  • Flexible payment options
  • Secure payment processing

Tuition can be payable as follows:

Annually : This requires one full payment by July 1st.
Semi-Annually: This requires two payments; the first payment being on July 1st and the second payment being on November 1st.
Monthly: This requires a monthly payment due on or before the 1st of the month.

Nido And Preschool Education Miami

​​​​​​Accepted Scholarships

  • We accept the following scholarships:
  • McKay
  • VPK (summer only)
  • School Readiness Program
  • Step-Up for Students
  • Gardiner / PLSA

*Please note that parents are responsible for difference in tuition.

Nido And Preschool Education Miami

Admission policy:

The Biltmore School welcomes applicants 12 months of age through middle school. Specific admission requirements are dependent upon age or grade level. The school has an open admissions policy of non-discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, ethnic origin, and other similar factors. Qualified applicants are welcome on a first-come, first-served basis.

All grade school and middle school applicants are required to take an entrance exam and write an essay prior to being admitted to the program. International students will be granted provisional acceptance with transcripts indicating the student is in good standing, as well as a letter of recommendation from the head of school of the school they are currently attending.

Admissions process:

Upon submission of application materials, prospective students will spend a minimum of one hour at the school visiting with staff and/or in a classroom.

The following guidelines are reviewed for admission and continued enrollment in The Biltmore School:

a. There is an understanding of, and agreement with, the goals, philosophy and educational practices of the school.

b. There are no outstanding debts for the applicant’s education at schools previously attended.

c. The Biltmore School has the necessary resources, staff, space, equipment, etc. to meet the academic, social, physical, behavioral and social/emotional needs of the applicant.

d. Testing and a copy of the applicant’s school records may be required to determine whether The Biltmore School can provide an appropriate educational program for the applicant and/or assist in the determination of grade placement.

e. Applicants meet state age requirements.

f. Parents will agree by signature that:

g. They will meet all tuition and other financial obligations.

h. They will cooperate with school personnel in matters of academic requirements, homework, and discipline.

Entering School:

Elementary School MiamiNido And Preschool Education Miami

Once a student is admitted into our program, the following is required:

  • Application for enrollment
  • Recommendation letter from previous school, if applicable
  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of Social Security card, if applicable
  • Immunization forms (completed by a doctor licensed in the state of Florida)
  • Physical forms (completed by a doctor licensed in the state of Florida)
  • Registration fee
  • Signed transcript release form
  • Parent enrollment in FACTS and Procare

Non-US citizens

The Biltmore School welcomes international students. However, every student must be in compliance with the Homeland Security requirements.

If the student is not a US citizen, a copy of the following documents must be submitted with their application:

  • Passport
  • Visa or resident card
  • Visa F-1 status
  • If the applicant needs an F-1 status visa, they must contact the school office prior to admissions.
  • Visa: “B” status

Non-US citizens with a “B” status may not attend school in the United States. Once the applicant has received a letter from the Biltmore School, a Biltmore School issued I-20 will be required.

The accepted student may not begin classes until a copy of the current “F” visa is submitted to the Biltmore School. In order to obtain an “F” student status visa, the following information is required:

  • Student’s address in his or her home country
  • Student’s local address
  • Proof of financial ability to pay tuition for a year
  • A copy of the student’s passport
Elementary School MiamiNido And Preschool Education Miami