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Annual Events – Miami

Annual Events:

Hispanic Heritage: 

As the Hispanic Heritage Month comes to an end, all students participate in a school-wide dance show where each class represents a Hispanic country.

Field Day:

One of the days that students look forward to the most. Each year, students of all grade levels participate in outdoor sports and activities to win medals and prizes. Parents and families are welcomed to join us for all the fun.  


Join us for our celebration of Cultures Potluck Dinner! Each year, our Biltmore Family comes together right before the break to celebrate Thanksgiving. Each individual family brings a traditional dish, representing their culture, to share with everyone. 

Winter Show/ End of the Year Recital:

The Winter Show is a yearly event before we go on break for the Holidays, filled with student performances and plenty of entertainment. The End of the Year Music and Dance Recital is a chance for the children to show off what a fantastic year they have had and show what they have learned in their music class and our dancers show off the routine they have been practicing all year. 


A night where families are encouraged to come and sleepover on school grounds. Join us for BBQ, smores and fun games for kids to enjoy.  Don't want to spend the night? You are still more than welcome to join in on the fun! Our annual sleepover has been a tradition at our school for many, many years. When the Romero Family acquired the school, they embraced this event and have taken it to the next level! 

School Exhibition/ Picnic:

Each year, during professional development, our staff comes up with several themes that can be connected to our existing units to enhance our Program of Inquiry as well as connect all of the student body. We choose a theme that is broad enough that can be explored by all ages in a developmentally appropriate way. The students use this theme to create and develop a unit of inquiry that they will explore, research, and later present their findings during the picnic/ exhibition. We refer to it as a picnic because all of the students and their families attend on this day and share food, fun, and spend time in our learning galleries. The students will develop the theme based on their knowledge of the subject and support from parents, teachers, experts, etc.

If you would like to get involved, please fill out our parent volunteer form.