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Enhancement Programs

Our Enhancement Program is designed to be safe, fun and enriching in many ways for our young students.

Our aim at The Biltmore School is to offer more than just the classroom education to your kids.

Developing Intelligences

Enhancement Program (activities for children) Miami

Every child is gifted in his or her own way; our curricula at The Biltmore School focuses on encouraging unique talents while developing all intelligence areas. Opportunities for the child to grow emotionally, physically and intellectually are provided through daily classroom experiences as well as extracurricular activities and events.

Whether your child is an athlete, a dancer, an artist, etc., we develop intelligence throughout. You can register your kids for any activity or program we offer, please visit our Activities and Summer Camp pages for more details.

Our curricula focuses on encouraging unique talents and developing all intelligence areas in our students.

Going Beyond Classroom Teachings

We believe that learning does not only take place in the classroom. Our students at The Biltmore School are encouraged to participate in a wide range of activities which allow them to interact with other kids and adults, develop additional skills and pursue personal interests. Modern Dance is a physically and mentally challenging extracurricular activity. Being a part of this form of art, our young ladies grow confidence and inspire each other to work harder. 


Learning does not only take place in the classroom.

What Sets us Apart ?

  • Operating for over 90 years
  • Elite school
  • Offers International Baccalaureate Program
  • Child-centered approach
  • A wide range of activities
  • Age and developmentally appropriate teaching techniques
  • Highly qualified, professional and reliable staff

The right school for your kids.