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Nido & Preschool education in Miami

Choosing the right school for your kids is an important decision as their personalities and future lives will be founded on their early learning experiences.

Positive Learning Experiences

At the Biltmore School, we welcome students in a safe, positive and nurturing environment. Our director, teachers, and staff members work to create the best learning opportunities for your kid.

We offer the International Baccalaureate program, as well as assist our students in discovering the importance of playing, engaging in games with friends and develop thinking skills.  

Playing is the foundation for all learning for young children. Our students have a variety of learning opportunities that support them in gaining knowledge through playing. You can be sure, at the Biltmore School, your kids will be in great hands.

The Biltmore School is one of the oldest and finest preschools in Miami.

Preschool South Miami

Our Strengths

  • Extensive experience
  • Great reputation
  • Safe and nurturing setting
  • Qualified and dedicated staff
  • High-end teaching techniques and materials
  • High-quality international education
Preschool Miami


Many experiences shape who we are as individuals and learners. Even in the earliest of stages, children are able to make many connections to people, places and things. The students learn to communicate through emotions, actions, and words.

They begin to do things on their own by imitation or by practice. Most of all they look at each of these experiences as an opportunity to discover something new, to explore the world around them and to share in the experiences of others. In the Nido, we treasure each of these moments because every day we learn something new and we witness how our students grow in so many ways.

We are committed to create the best learning opportunities for your kid.

We are a prestigious school in Miami.