1600 South Red Road,

Miami, Florida, 33155,


Private School

Operating since 1926, The Biltmore School is one of the finest private schools in Miami.

If you want your kids to evolve in a positive, safe and nurturing environment, don't delay in filling our admission forms.

Middle School

"Throughout their individual and collective changes, one thing remained true:whether wrapped up in learning or having tons of silly fun, school was their home away from home" -2016 through 2017 Yearbook

Our Middle School has undoubtedly changed over the years, always growing and improving. Throughout the years these young adults have grown as individuals, still putting their best foot forward. All being thoughtful, open-minded students that are always willing to take on challenges and continually surprise us by meeting and exceeding our expectations. All of our students blossom into thoughtful, open-minded and as they get ready to continue on their educational journey to a High School, they are fully equipped with all of the tools necessary to succeed. 

Middle School

The Biltmore School has been an IB World School since March 2012. We offer the IB Primary Years Program of IBO-PYP. This includes a comprehensive plan for high-quality, international education.

Our curriculum framework is designed with the aim to equip young students with essential elements, such as the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values needed for a successful life now and in the future.

Enrolling them to the Biltmore School is the best thing you can do for your kids. Please call us for any further information.

We offer the IB Primary Years Programme of IBO-PYP.

Why Choose Us ?

  • Over 90 years in operation
  • Excellent teachers
  • Age appropriate courses
  • Small student to teacher ratios
  • Numerous accreditation
  • Safe environment
  • Produce great results

Choose the best school for your kids.